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Kevin Brown

Kevin L. Brown works as an Associate Director and Senior Research Scientist for ARC. Formerly of the Data Research and Development Center (DRDC), he joined DRDC after working as the Senior Research Analyst at the National Institute for Social Science Information (NISSI), where he supervised the production of several digital libraries of education research in cooperation with the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) and the U.S. Department of Education. Kevin's responsibilities at DRDC included creating online resources for the IERI research community and contributing to DRDC's program of original research on scale-up. Kevin received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago, where he studied under James S. Coleman. His research interests include the use of technology in education, scaling up school reform, and the achievement gap. He also has published papers on the history and nature of rational choice theory.

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Phone: (773) 256-6024